Dahlia 'City of Alkmaar'

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Dahlia's are tuberous perennials that are considered half hardy and may need lifting, planting in a sheltered location and/or mulching in order to over-winter successfully. Their long flowering period (generally July till the first frost) and the generosity of flowers has made them worth the effort to gardeners for centuries.

City of Alkmaar (semi cactus) is an sturdy, bushy, clump-forming tuberous perennial. the burnt orange flowers contrast brilliantly with the dark purple foliage, it is gorgeous but a bit full on so don't plant it next to any pastel colours as they will pale into insignificance next to this beauty. this really is a good garden dahlia full of the wow factor when you see it. good as a cut flower and forms good tubers which have overwintered successfully outside for many years without lifting for us

Growing Information:

Full sun to light shade.

Any soil type. 

Pot tubers in spring, then plant out once risk of first frost is passed.

Height: 1m (approx)

Spread: 0.5m (approx)

This plant is sold as a tuber. Please note, unless otherwise requested, tubers will be sent out in early March. We do not provide a precise delivery date, but you will be contact on dispatch. 

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