Hand and Body Wash - Petigrain and Geranium

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All our Beauty products are mixed and bottled on site at The Salutation. Using only natural essential oils for scent, we have developed them using the garden for inspiration. We like to keep them as natural as possible, using crushed olive stones (instead of nasties like micro beads) in our gardeners hand scrub and avoiding synthetic perfumes. Made in small batches to keep everything fresh, we make as much as we need to avoid waste. They have proved so popular, we have developed them for use in our hotel, too, to cut down on ‘hotel miniatures’ plastic bottles. We are generous with essential oils, to ensure a long lasting scent. 
All products have a one year shelf life. 
Petitgrain and geranium liquid soap and body lotion. 
The Petitgrain and Geranium Hand and Body Wash is always greeted with a furious sniffing as it just smells divine. We love the scent and atmosphere of a greenhouse at The Salutation, so this is similar to the wonderful floral/geranium leaf waft you get as you step inside. 
The hand soap is parabens and colouring free and is intensely moisturising. 
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